Welcome to the vibrant city of Kyiv, Ukraine, where history, resilience, and innovation converge to create an extraordinary transportation experience. Amidst the challenges faced by the city, Kyiv’s public transport system stands as a symbol of normalcy and convenience for its residents.


In the face of adversity, Kyiv’s public transport system endured a temporary pause on the first day of the war. However, it triumphantly restarted operations on a symbolic day, May 9, when the city celebrated victory and resilience. This gesture not only demonstrated Kyiv’s indomitable spirit but also showcased the importance of keeping everyday life as normal as possible in difficult times.



To further enhance the convenience of commuting, Sfey collaborated with the city to implement a cutting-edge transit solution. Passengers can now pay for single-ride tickets in the most hassle-free ways imaginable. For buses, payment can be made directly in the vehicle, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience. Meanwhile, when entering train stations, passengers can easily purchase their tickets with a simple tap-and-go process.


Behind the scenes, a comprehensive payment infrastructure ensures smooth transactions and a delightful journey for passengers. The complete payment processing logic, payment aggregation, payment gateway, and debt management systems work harmoniously to create a seamless payment experience. PrivatBank, a trusted partner and acquirer, ensures the secure and efficient processing of transactions.


In Kyiv, transportation is not just about getting from point A to point B—it’s about embracing convenience, reliability, and a touch of modernity. That’s why the city boasts a remarkable number of 5,987 validator devices and turnstiles strategically placed throughout the transportation network. These devices ensure that every tap and transaction is registered accurately, giving passengers peace of mind and a hassle-free experience.


Every month, Kyiv’s bustling public transport system processes a staggering 3,105,255 transactions. This figure represents the thousands of people who rely on the city’s efficient transport system to navigate their daily lives and reach their destinations.


As you step onto a bus or board a train in Kyiv, you become a part of the city’s vibrant tapestry. You join the ranks of locals and visitors alike who appreciate the seamless fusion of history and innovation. From the golden domes of St. Sophia’s Cathedral to the bustling markets of Andriyivsky Descent, the city’s charm is within easy reach, thanks to its efficient and convenient transportation network.

So, whether you’re a curious traveler exploring the wonders of Kyiv or a local resident going about your daily routine, rest assured that Kyiv’s public transport system is dedicated to providing you with a concrete and reliable journey. Embrace the spirit of this resilient city, tap-and-go your way through its vibrant streets, and let the magic of Kyiv unfold before your eyes.