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Contactless ticketing
is the new black

People who travel by public transport expect their journey to be as fast, safe, and as smooth as possible. With a growing number of payment methods available, commuters also expect to pay for their journeys in a smart, secure, and convenient manner.

We know that contactless ticketing:

  • improves passenger experience
  • reduces operating costs for transport providers
  • helps make public transport greener
  • and much more…

And our experience proves it.

Taking your business and paying
for tickets to the next level

10+ years of experience building businesses and scaling them internationally brought me an open mind and the ambition to change the world of transport payments. I come from the Czech Republic, which has one of the highest penetration rates by contactless bank cards in the world and nearly every transportation system is equipped with open-loop ticketing.

In the last 4 years, I helped build one of the most successful Transit Payments Industries in the market. And that gave me the right experience to look for even more innovative solutions that will help improve the way people pay for tickets. Estonian-based Sfey, a team of experts who have helped to design open-loop payment standards in Estonia and delivered one of the first open-loop account-based projects in the world after TfL, is the right choice for this ticket revolution. 

We evolved into a fully cloud-based transit gateway on one platform and we want to show you the benefits it brings. With the spirit of Estonia’s leadership in digitalization, we represent an enthusiastic team that is looking forward to taking this technology in front of known players in the market and delivering a money-saving solution you’ll be proud of.

Do you hear that already? That’s your colleagues and boss patting you on the back with words of appreciation.

– Jaroslav Stuchlík –
CEO and Co-Founder of Sfey


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