Conquer the world of transportation with a modular cloud-based payment gateway

Different modes, integrations and payment options. Our cost-saving, ready-made solution meets the latest trends and needs.

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We focused on your needs and concerns when building our contactless payment system.
That’s why you’ll always be one step ahead.


Why choose our solution?

Our payment gateway is the middleware and essential platform for any contactless bank card implementation. We work with different acceptance devices and fare collection systems in the form of Software as a Service (Saas). Our solution can be offered in white-label form as well.

Our integrated partners on the road
to contactless transportation


Tap in and let us secure transaction
processing along your journey

Our transit payment gateway supports all contactless transit acceptance models:

Besides transit transaction acceptance we offer our payment processing services for
EV charging, parking, toll collection and bike sharing.

Sfey modules—put them together how you want

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